whitewater2Whitewater kayaking or canoeing can range from simple, carefree gently moving water, to demanding, dangerous whitewater.

River rapids are graded like ski runs according to the difficulty, danger or severity of the rapid. Whitewater grades (or classes) range from I or 1 (the easiest) to VI or 6 (the most difficult/dangerous). Grade/Class I/1 can be described as slightly moving water with ripples but for that reason is not generally considered 'Whitewater.' Grade/Class II/2 can be described as moving water providing some small degree of challenge. Grade/Class VI can be described as extremely severe or almost unrunnable whitewater, considered almost certain death, such as Niagara Falls.

BDCC organises regular whitewater and touring trips locally and further afield both in the UK and abroad.  We cater for all grades of paddlers and can help you progress as far as you wish to go!


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We meet every Sunday evening from 8.15pm until 9.15pm at the pool and then afterwards at the Orange Tree pub in Baldock.