Rolling Masterclass

My Aim for Learners
To empower you to improve your rolling technique by improving YOUR feedback

My Aim for Instructors
To improve your instruction so that it is more BALANCED – so that it is as much about ASKING as TELLING.

SOME Questions About rolling
What is the Purpose of Rolling ? - To get yourself UPRIGHT
When do you roll ? - When your support stroke has failed (ignoring playboaters)
Should it be effortless or strenuous - Effortless
Is your roll effortless? - ???

Prerequisites to rolling – WARM UP for rolling
  1. Capsize near the pool side, doggy paddle to the pool side and right yourself. Do this 3 times each time stay under for 5, 10, 15 seconds before doggy paddling to the side
  2. High brace on both sides, start with elbow in water and end up with shoulder in the water.
You are now warmed up and ready to practice your rolling.

Rolling Consistently and Effortlessly
How can new achieve this ? - Improve your technique

3 Fundamentals of rolling:-
  • CONFIDENT under the water
  • The ratio of torso activity (90%) : arm activity (10%)
  • Head should be the last part of your body to leave the water.
When you have rolled up ( or failed to roll) ASK YOURSELF how you measured up on each of the 3 fundamentals above. Provide YOUR own feedback and try again. Rate yourself this time on a scale of your own devising (1-5; red,amber, green; Skoda, Audi, Maserati)
When your pupil has rolled up or failed to roll up ask them to rate their performance based upon the 3 fundamentals above. Ask THEM how on a scale of 1- 10 ( or 1-5) how they rated their performance.
If we are looking for people to self-correct then it is far more important for the learner to be be aware of what they are doing than for you to tell them how they performed.

Types of Roll

  • Sweep roll
  • Twist and slice ( screw roll)
  • C-C- hip flick

Tips that have Helped Me

  • When setting up your paddle I try to get my front hand by my hip ( increase torsion in torso)
  • When upside down all your weight should be on your setup knee ( same side as paddle)
  • When you commence rolling weight should be transferred to your rolling knee ( the other knee)
  • Chin on your shoulder as you come up, head looking towards the paddle
Sources on Internet
Google the following :-
Kent Ford
Eric Jackson

Final Thought

This applies to ALL current paddlers and those trying to roll.
Is your roll truly effortless ?
Are you putting up with poor technique because it has become the norm?
Try re-rating your roll of the effortless scale.

Remember if it is not effortless it is your poor technique –
  • not the paddle,
  • not the type of boat
  • not the water
  • It is YOUR POOR technique.

Martin Home

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