Skills Practise

The purpose of this page isn’t to give advice on technique; you can get that from the recommended reading and from coaching sessions. What this page is telling you, is that no matter how much space there is in the pool, there’s always lots we can be paddling!

Remember that bad habits are easier to adopt than good technique. Quality practice in a warm clean and safe environment goes a long way.

Stuck in a static spot in the pool?

You can still work on these skills: -

Foundation Skills

  • Good posture and body rotation at all times
  • Practice balance. Try paddling, sitting on top of the boat – away from the pool walls!
  • Edge control on both sides.
  • Forward sweep strokes (front half of the boat, and rear half of the boat)
  • Low Brace and High Brace.
  • Draw stroke at the front
  • Draw stroke at the side
  • Draw stroke at the rear
  • Deep water rescue

Advanced Skills

  • Rolling
  • Combine sweep stroke with edged control
  • Stern Dip, levelling off the kayak after it’s sliced at the back
  • Bow dip, levelling off the kayak after it’s sliced at the front

Got space to move into?

Try these skills:

Foundation Skills

  • Forward Paddling (most important stroke. Don’t neglect it). Try sprinting.
  • Backwards Paddling.
  • Stern Rudder/ Stern Draw
  • Low brace turn with edge control.
  • Low brace turn with edge control.
  • Figure of 8 while paddling forwards.
  • Figure of 8 while paddling backwards
  • Stern rudder with good trunk rotation.
  • Combine strokes that involve slicing the paddle through the water.
  • Combine strokes that involve a change of direction. E.g. a forward stroke to the hips and then slice it out to perform a stern draw)


  • Figure of 8 while paddling forwards with edge control
  • Figure of 8 while paddling backwards with edge control
  • (You’ll have to swap edges as you cross from one loop to the next)
  • Paddle in a circle using only strokes on the inside of the turn (good edge control).
  • Bow stalls, cartwheels and beyond.


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